Importing data with Webhooks

In addition to importing data using a Managed Source or Internal Source, Faros also supports importing data using webhooks. Webhooks enable systems to send data updates directly to Faros as they happen without needing to import data at a scheduled interval. Instead, the data is imported when specific events happen in your system, e.g., when a Pull Request is created in GitHub.

Import data using webhooks by:

  1. Creating a webhook definition
  2. Configuring your source system with webhooks


Webhooks only deliver incremental data updates; we recommend doing a one-time historical data import using the vendor source for your system.

Webhooks may not provide all the data that normal sources provide - please check the relevant section for supported webhooks on the missing data.

Currently supported webhooks

  • GitHub
    • Populates Faros VCS schema, with the exception of: vcs_File, vcs_PullRequestFile
      vcs_RepositoryContribution, Copilot seats and usage data
  • Jira
    • Populates Faros TMS schema, with the exception of: tms_TaskBoardRelationship, tms_TaskPullRequestAssociation, tms_Team, tms_TeamMembership

Please contact Faros support if you would like to import data using a different source that supports webhooks.