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Constant Value Column

Create a custom column with the following expressions:


concat("constant", "")


abs(1) # positive values
round(1) # integer values
power(-1.23, 1) # any value

Alternate Display Options for Single-Series Bar Chart

Starting Point: Count the number of rows grouped by a field

Add a constant-valued field and add it to the group-by. You can now get tighter grouping with colors.

Note: ensure the constant-valued field is set as the primary x-axis value and the other field is the series breakout.

This also allows for stacking:

Custom Ordering of Field

Using a case expression, you can define the order you want fields to appear in a visualization.

Create a custom column (ex. “order”) and use a case expression to define the order for the values. For example:

    [Task Status Detail] = "BV Achieved", 1, 
    [Task Status Detail] = "BV Mostly Achieved", 2, 
    [Task Status Detail] = "BV partially achieved", 3, 
    [Task Status Detail] = "BV Missed", 4, 
    [Task Status Detail] = "Delivered", 5, 
    [Task Status Detail] = "On Track", 6, 
    [Task Status Detail] = "To Do", 7, 
    [Task Status Detail] = "At Risk", 8, 
    [Task Status Detail] = "Canceled", 9, 
    [Task Status Detail] = "Not Delivered", 10, 
    [Task Status Detail] = "Backlog", 11, 

Group by the custom “order” column and sort by it, but do not display in the visualization.

Edit Card Config

Video Walkthrough

Access JSON config of a card and make modifications (such as adding custom colors)

Optimizing Text Box Display

Sometimes a text box will have an unnecessary scroll bar. For example, the text fits but there’s a scroll bar that moves the text only slightly. In edit mode, select "Visualization options" on the text box & change the vertical alignment to "bottom".

Join Multiple Custom Jira Fields & Retain Empty Values