Faros Schema

Faros maps data from the various sources to a canonical schema that represents the entire software development lifecycle, giving you a single, unified, vendor-agnostic way to query your infrastructure, systems, and processes. For instance, data from your version source control, task management, and CI/CD systems gets mapped to the vcs, tms, and cicd portions of the schema respectively. Entities in these sub-schemas are connected to each other as well as to entities in other portions of the schema, allowing you to easily query data both from within and across sources.

The Faros schema can be viewed in the Schema section of the navigation panel on the left. Clicking on any of the entities in the schema let's you zoom in on that portion of the schema, and reveals more detailed information about the particular entity you've clicked on.

For instance, the screenshot below shows information that Faros extracts about commits in your source control system. It extracts the same information, regardless of whether you use GitHub or BitBucket or GitLab, or even multiple source control systems, giving you a single, unified, vendor-agnostic way to query information.

In the screenshot you also see that the vcs_Commit entity is connected to cicd_Build and vcs_PullRequest entities, allowing you to easily query data from across sources in your engineering pipelines. Click ❓ Querying data for further reading on the Faros query APIs.


Faros Schema

Extending the schema

👷 🚧 This section is still under construction.