Internal Sources

When a source system is not reachable over the Internet, e.g internal GitHub Enterprise or Jira Server instances or you cannot share your credentials with Faros, you can setup and run Faros connectors from your environment. This is referred to as a Faros Hybrid Deployment Mode . All vendor sources supported by Faros platform can be run in this way.

In a Hybrid Deployment Mode, you will use an Airbyte source & destination based connector, the open-source tool, from your machine to connect to your source system and write the data to Faros.


A Note on Terms:

Because hybrid mode leverages Airbyte, Airbyte terms refer to different concepts than their Faros counterparts.

  • A Faros source in the SaaS app is equivalent to Airbyte Connection in hybrid mode. Both import data from an external system into Faros.
  • A Faros connection represents the authentication to that external system. In hybrid mode, this is a part of the Airbyte source.