Internal Sources

When a source system is not reachable over the Internet, e.g internal GitHub Enterprise or Jira Server instances,
you can download and run Faros connectors from your environment. This applies for all vendor sources supported by Faros platform.

  1. Download the latest container of any Faros source. For example for GitHub run:
docker pull farosai/github-feed:latest


Source container naming convention is lowercased vendor name with -feed suffix, e.g for Jira it's jira-feed, for GitLab it's gitlab-feed, for BitBucket it's bitbucket-feed etc.

You can find all the available connectors on our Docker Hub org.

  1. Run it:
docker run farosai/github-feed:latest \
    -u \
    -q GitHubOrg \
    -k $FAROS_API_KEY \
    -t $GITHUB_TOKEN \
    -l $GITHUB_ORG \
    -r repo1,repo2,repo3

Aren't sure which options to use? For help run:

docker run farosai/github-feed:latest --help

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