Organization Overview

Faros is a platform that brings together data from all your engineering systems and finds connections so you can have a holistic view of your entire engineering operations ecosystem.

It is very common to want to understand metrics on a team level: Which teams are bogged down by unplanned work? How often does a team deploy their code? What is their mean time to resolve high severity issues?

In order to answer those questions at that granularity, Faros needs to be able to attribute each commit, task, deployment, or incident to the correct teams.

The first step to setting up those attributions is to bring your employee and team information into Faros. For details, please see Importing Org Data and Managing your Organization.

Once your employees and teams are set up, you can associate your applications, repositories and boards with your teams. For details, please see Managing your Apps, Repos and Boards.

Once your organization structure is defined in Faros, you will be able to view your metrics and dashboards on a team level. More details on how we attribute events to teams are here: Faros Attribution Model.