Connecting Employee Accounts

Connecting Employees

Employees can be linked to accounts from your various sources. This is an important step because it ties data from across your various systems together and connects it to an individual. Sources sync identities along with the other data they bring in to Faros. Before you complete this step make sure you already have sources connected.

Viewing Connections

Navigate to Organization -> Employees to understand which Employees have associated accounts already connected.


Inferring Connections

The easiest way to connect your Employees in Faros to their various user accounts is to let Faros infer these connections. To do this, simply add a new Employee Bootstrap Source. This will match accounts from your Ticket Management, Source Control and Incident Management systems to existing Faros employees.

To add the source:

  1. Navigate to Sources -> Catalog
  2. Find the Employee Bootstrap Source
  3. Add the new source (leave all toggles disabled unless you'd like to also create new Employees in Faros from the users of one of your systems).

Connecting with the UI

While not all connections can be perfectly inferred, the UI provides a way to find accounts for employees based on suggested matches.

  1. Navigate to Organization -> Employees
  2. Click on the Assign Connections button. You will see all employees that are not connected to accounts for a particular source. If present, you'll also see suggestions of accounts for each employee.
  3. Select the correct account for each employee.
  4. Click the button at the bottom to save the connections and view remaining unmatched employees.
  5. Change the source type and repeat!
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Advanced Matching

The Threshold controls the precision of the suggestions: raise it to see more suggestions, lower it to see more precise ones.

If you know an employee's account but don't see it in the suggestions, click find Connection to search for it.

Employees may have multiple accounts for a system. Click Accounts without connections to view all unmatched accounts for a system.

When using a Spreadsheet

If you are importing your organization data using a spreadsheet you can use this same sheet to connect each employee to their accounts. More info here.