Importing from a spreadsheet in S3

Same as with Importing Org Data with Google Sheets but from a spreadsheet.xlsx file that resides in an Amazon S3 bucket.

Prepare my-teams.xlsx spreadsheet same as described in Importing Org Data with Google Sheets.

Once you have a sheet, upload it into one of your S3 buckets.


You'll want to create IAM credentials so your Faros source can access the S3 bucket with your spreadsheet. You'll want to make sure your IAM user has the ListObjectsInBucket and ReadObjectsInBucket permissions enabled.

Note the AWS Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key values as well as the AWS region of your bucket. You will use these when creating your Connection in Faros.

Add a Faros Connection

Once you have set up your S3 credentials, you can set up your Faros source. First, find the correct source in the Faros Source Catalog, then create a new connection using the above keys.

Create Faros Source

Once your source is set up, it will continue to pull data from your spreadsheet into Faros at a regular cadence. Make any updates to your org on your spreadsheet, and make sure the latest version is saved in your S3 bucket.