Managing Sources

To manage your sources, navigate to Sources from the menu on the left. You will now see a list of all the sources you've connected to Faros. There are several things you can do with a source from here:

  1. View logs: Clicking on any one of the sources in the list opens up logs from the latest sync in the panel on the bottom. Click the checkbox in this panel to automatically refresh the logs at the cadence specified.

  2. Trigger a sync: Syncs run on the schedule that you have configured for each source during set-up. However, you can also trigger an immediate sync for any source, by clicking on the โ‹ฎ icon, and selecting the Sync now action.

  3. Edit the source: Edit the configuration for the source by clicking on the โ‹ฎ icon and selecting the Edit option. This will pop up the configuration panel once more, and you can now edit the settings. Click on Update Source to save the new settings.

  4. Clone the source: Selecting Clone from the actions in the โ‹ฎ drop-down allows you to clone the source. You can choose to clone the source to either the current graph or a new one. Read more about graphs over โ„ Faros graphs. When cloning the source, you need to choose a new name for the source. Source names are unique across graphs. The source will get cloned in a disabled state, allowing you to go in and change any of the settings before Faros syncs the data.

  5. Enable/Disable: You can pause or resume the sync schedule by clicking on Enable or Disable from the โ‹ฎ drop-down.

  6. Trigger a full sync: A source will sync data incrementally unless otherwise specified in the source's configuration. There are times when an incremental sync is not enough and you wish to perform a full data sync for your source. To do so, click on Force full sync from the : drop-down. Full syncs will wipe out all the data your source has already synced before re-syncing all recent data. This re-sync will pull data as far back as specified in your source's configuration.

  7. Delete the source: And finally, you can delete the source all together by clicking on Delete source. Note: that all the data imported by the source would still remain in the graph.


Managing Sources

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