Understanding User Roles

Faros has five roles available to all your users: Owner, Administrator, Analyst, Executive Viewer, and Viewer.

You need the enterprise bundle in order to customize your roles.

Summary of user roles

ViewerThe “viewer” role is meant for users who are absorbing the content and charts others have configured for them. They can view company favorited charts and dashboards as well as their own team page by default.
Executive ViewerExecutive Viewers have read-only access to all modules, reports, team pages and scorecards across the organization.
AnalystAnalysts can explore data and create / view reports and dashboards. They have full access to data across the organization.
AdministratorAdministrators have full analyst permissions. In addition, they can set and manage the data being exposed via Faros.
OwnerOwners are administrators who can manage Faros users and their roles and set up SSO. In the future, they will be able to view and modify billing and subscription information for accounts.

User role permission details


These are the default permissions. However, admins and owners can customize their permissions using the Roles page (available for Enterprise bundle customers).

Create personal home page and favorites
View company home page and favorites
Create company home page and favorites
Easy access to module pages
View scorecard
Customize scorecard
View personal TeamCentral page
View all teams TeamCentral pages
Customize all team TeamCentral pages
Easy access to dashboard directory
Create new charts and dashboards
View Faros Reports
Edit Curated Reports
Inspect Data Hub
External dashboard sharing
Manage data control
Manage organization setup
Manage access control
Manage Faros users
SSO setup

Assigning roles to users

Owners are the only people who can change the roles of other users within Faros. To update someone’s role:

  • Go to Access ControlUsers
  • When creating a new user, you will have the option to assign them to any of the roles.
  • For existing users, select edit option in the “⋮” menu on the user’s row. There will be a popup where you can edit the role.
  • For customers creating users through an SSO integration, the last page of the SSO setup allows you to configure default user roles or map groups to specific roles. If you are creating users this way make sure to always include the base 'user' role in addition to more specific ones.

Customizing permissions for roles

Each faros role has a default set of permissions that you can see above. If you have the Enterprise bundle you are able to customize which permissions each role has.

Navigate to Access Control > Roles. There you will see a selected role and a list of permissions for the given role. You can switch between roles to view each role's permissions. To edit please click the Edit button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You can always reset a role to its default permissions by clicking the Restore Defaults button.