Extending your instrumentation

We recommend starting with sending deployment events from your various environments (Prod, Dev, Staging etc.). After those pieces of instrumentation have been verified, it's time to address about build information and artifacts.

Build Information

Sending build data

Adding build information, such as run time, gives you more granular insights for lead time as well as the ability to build charts and dashboards directly on this build data.

To do this, go back to the CI/CD Instrumentation tool in your Faros app. Select the option for tracking build and deployment information, then fill in the form as you did when instrumenting your production deployments.

Your CD event should be the same as before. You’ll notice that now there is an additional CI event that you will need to add to your pipelines. Similar to the CD event, you should put this code snippet in the location that has all of the context for the variables.

Verifying build data

Make sure that your build data is being sent by following the instructions here.

Using Artifacts

Some users don’t deploy commits directly, or if they do it's not the commit that includes the changes they wish to track. We'll refer to these as artifacts.

In these cases we’ll use a Faros CI event to send the commit and build data. This would be sent from the part of your pipeline that constructs the artifact. We’ll then use a Faros CD event to send data about the deployment of the artifact.

Sending Artifacts


It’s important that these events use the same artifact fields so we are able to connect when the artifact was created and when it was deployed. Whatever definition you use for your artifact fields, make sure they are consistent across both events.

To construct these 2 events, navigate to the Faros CI/CD Instrumentation tool. Select the option for sending build and deployment information then select the checkbox for sending artifacts.

As with the other cases, you’ll want to place these two code snippets in the places that have the correct context. In general the CI event will be sent from the part of the pipeline that constructs the artifact, while the CD event will be sent from wherever that artifact is deployed.

Verifying Artifacts

Make sure that your build data is correctly connected by following the instructions here.