Configuring your Company's Faros Experience

As an admin you can customize how the Faros users at your company interact with the application.

  1. Favorites and default landing pages let you set your own home pages as well as pin pages or dashboards you wish to be easily accessible.
  2. Your company's dashboard collections let you organize the custom dashboards you've created.
  3. It's also possible to hide all of the out of the box dashboards. This features is for companies who only want users to see the insights they have explicitly created.

Favorites and Default Landing Pages

As an admin, you can highlight the dashboards and pages that are most relevant to your company. You can choose your company’s default landing page and specify which pages will be highlighted in the left-hand menu for easy discovery by everyone in your company.

All Faros users can also set their own personal favorite pages to be highlighted in the left-hand menu and replace the company default landing page with their own custom landing page as needed.

Your Dashboard Collections

Each user in Faros will see four collections: Faros reports, your company's curated reports, your company's shared reports, and your personal collection.

  • Faros reports - These are the dashboards and charts from Faros that are available for your company, as part of Faros or as part of the modules that your company has enabled. This collection is read-only for all users of Faros. However, you can clone dashboards if you wish to create your own version.
  • Your company's curated reports - This is a restricted dashboard collection editable only by owners and admins. This is the perfect place to house curated dashboards for your entire company. Any user who does not have admin-level permissions will be able to see everything in the collection in a view-only capacity. This lets you share insights broadly without worrying about them being accidentally changed or deleted.
  • Your company's shared reports - All users can collaborate on dashboards in the shared reports collection. Once a dashboard and its cards are deemed ready, any admin can move these items into the curated reports collection.
  • Your personal collection - Each user in Faros has their own personal collection that is only accessible to them. No one else can edit or view this collection. Users can move their charts/dashboards into the shared reports collection to share them with the rest of the company.

Hiding the Faros Reports Collection

Faros provides out of the box charts and dashboards all found in the Faros Reports collection. In certain situations, you may wish to hide these from a subset of your users so that the only charts and dashboards visible to them are the ones you've created.

You can gate which roles have access to the pre-built collection through our API. The following example allows only admins and owners the ability to view the Faros Reports collection and all of the cards and dashboards within it.

curl --request PATCH \
     --url '' \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'authorization: <YOUR API KEY OR BEARER TOKEN>' \
     --header 'content-type: application/json' \
     --data '{"farosReportsVisibility": ["owner", "admin"]}'