Deployment Modes

Fully managed SaaS

Most commonly, customers choose to use the fully managed SaaS version of the Faros platform. In this mode, the customer simply provides credentials for their engineering data sources, and the Faros platform manages and operates the data ETL, in addition to hosting the APIs and dashboards.


Our Data Dictionary describes the data that gets pulled into Faros for different data sources. For added control, many of the connectors, such as the Jira connector allow the customer to specify an explicit exclusion list of fields that should not be pulled.

Fully managed SaaS deploymentFully managed SaaS deployment

Fully managed SaaS deployment


Some customers whose security protocols prohibit external systems from connecting to their engineering sources (e.g GitHub Enterprise, Jira Server) choose to operate in the hybrid mode. In this mode, the customer manages and runs the Faros data connectors themselves so as to have complete control over the data that gets sent to the Faros SaaS platform.

In this mode, the customer is responsible for maintaining the data ETL and they directly use the SaaS platform for everything else, e.g., APIs and dashboards. An added benefit of this mode is that the source credentials never leave the customer control.

Hybrid deploymentHybrid deployment

Hybrid deployment

Fully on-premise

In this mode, the customer deploys and operates an entire instance of the Faros platform in their own infrastructure, e.g., in their own AWS VPC, via the Faros Terraform module. This mode comes with additional operation complexity and cost. Please reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more.

On-premise deploymentOn-premise deployment

On-premise deployment

Summary comparison

Below is a short summary comparing the deployment modes on main dimensions:

Fully managed SaaSHybridFully on-premise
Data residencyFaros cloudFaros cloudCustomer cloud
Credentials managed byFarosCustomerCustomer
Platform & deployments managed byFarosFarosCustomer
Connectors to supported vendor sources operated byFarosCustomerCustomer
Connectors to internal sources operated byCustomerCustomerCustomer
Ease of setupEasyModerateDifficult
Operational complexityLowest (setup only)Higher (due to connectors operations)Highest (due to platform, connectors & deployment operations)
Operational supportFullFull (except connectors)Limited (requires video conferencing)