Managing Users via UI


Users can be added/managed either via the Faros UI or via your Identity Provider (IdP). For more information on using SAML/SSO, please see Setting up SSO.

Accessing the user page

The user page is available in the Settings area of the left-hand menu.

Inviting a new user

You can invite a new user to Faros by pressing the "Invite User" button in the upper right hand corner of the Users page.

When inviting a new user, you can choose the user role: owner, administrator, analyst or user. For details on the user roles, please see Understanding User Roles.

Managing your users

You can either Delete or Edit a user by clicking on action menu to the right of the user. Editing will allow you to change someone's user role. Note that the email address cannot be changed for any user, and names can be edited by the users themselves.

Users vs Employees in Faros

It's worth noting that your company's Faros Users are different from Faros Employees. Faros Users don't have to be Faros Employees and Faros Employees don't have to be Faros Users.

Faros users are the individuals at your company who have access to the Faros application. These are the people who can look at all of your Faros data across your company.

Faros Employees are the objects in Faros that represent individuals working at your company and contributing engineering operations data. Employees are the data points that Users can interact with in the Faros charts and dashboards. For information on importing Employee and more general Org data into Faros check out these docs.