Importing Org Data

To make sense of all your engineering data, you need ownership. Faros creates a service catalog where you can quickly identify which teams and individuals own certain domains. To capture ownership we must start with capturing your organization structure. This includes

  • Teams and team hierarchy
  • Employees and team membership
  • Identity mapping across services. For example, connecting an employee to their GitHub handle and Jira user.

There are multiple ways to get this data into Faros.

  1. Entering in UI: this works better for smaller teams who want to manipulate users and teams in the Faros console.
  2. Importing with Google Sheets: larger teams find it easier to import users, identities and teams from a Google sheet.
  3. Importing from a local spreadsheet: same as with Google Sheets, but from a local spreadsheet .xlsx file
  4. Inferring from your System: this allows you to leverage your Github or Jira employees and teams to bootstrap your organization in Faros.


It is important that you stick to one source of truth. Meaning, if you are using the spreadsheet import method, don't make team or employee changes in the UI. Instead manipulate that data in the spreadsheet. Faros will pick the data up on the next sync.

Once the data is imported, you can validate that your Org data looks correct in Managing your Organization section.