October 8th, 2020

As part of our work to support enterprise customers, we've done a major overhaul of our backend architecture. The result is more sources, more customizability, greater scale, and faster speeds.

Customize Your Faros Schema

Faros provides a canonical data model for all your cloud operational data, and now you can customize it with your own custom data sources! So if you have a home-grown CI/CD system or your very own PaaS or Data Lake, you can now connect them up to Faros too, and start querying these systems together with the rest of your operational data, for a much more holistic view.

Query More Data, Faster

The backend architecture changes delivered huge improvements to performance enabling much greater scale with reduced retrieval times. The result is, you can now query 1000X larger graphs, 10X faster.

New Data Sources

Faros also supports many more new data sources, and now integrates with DynamoDB, BitBucket, JIRA, WorkDay, and ZenDesk Support, to name just a few.