July 13th, 2020

Faros Slackbot, Save & Share GraphQL Queries, PagerDuty Integration and many more improvements!

Faros SlackbotFaros Slackbot

Faros Slackbot

Faros Slackbot

Add to Slack

You can now manage your software operations from Slack, with the Faros Slackbot.
Install the bot to your workspace, and invoking your favorite apps becomes more convenient than ever:

Save & Share GraphQL Queries

Creating new apps is also easier than ever, because you can now save and edit Faros GraphQL queries,
and transform their output right from the Faros Data Explorer. Your
saved query is now a url that you can share with your colleagues: https://graphiql.faros.ai/instance-prices;
or you can invoke it like other apps from the Faros CLI, or with the Faros Slackbot: /faros app-invoke run-query -p key=instance-prices -g

Named QueriesNamed Queries

Named Queries

PagerDuty Integration

We just added PagerDuty as yet another data source you can connect to Faros. So now, in addition to your AWS operations
and GitHub repositories, you can also manage your on-call schedules -- all from a single API.

Other Improvements

  • New GitHub entities and GitHub apps
  • New Faros app to compare configuration between different IAM users in AWS accounts
  • New JSON diff utils in Faros Python package
  • Introduced API Keys for programmatic access